Four-handed Cooking on a Dreamy Sunset

A Women’s Day Celebration: Praise for Strength and Elegance


Some say cooking with four hands is better than cooking with two. Those who have witnessed two musicians playing the piano together can understand the level of skill and coordination required to play a melody with four hands. Similarly, when cooking, combining flavors and ingredients to create a dish can be compared to playing a melody. When there are no pianos but stoves, and the notes are recipes and flavors, the preparation, as with the rehearsed melody, must blend seamlessly to create a perfect dish, just like a musical performance.

This March 9, 2024, we will have Four Hands to savor elegance and praise strength at A Women’s Day Celebration. Four hands are cooking with soul, combining their skills, techniques, styles, and flavors to create an unforgettable dining experience.
Executive Chef Héctor Morales and guest Executive Chef Ana Laura Calixto Vázquez will combine their exceptional skills and culinary knowledge to present a mesmerizing evening.

Ana Laura Calixto Vázquez grew up surrounded by the delightful aromas of tropical fruits such as mango and the delicate notes of gladiolas, daisies, and red roses with which her grandmother perfumed their home.
Executive Chef Héctor Morales grew up accustomed to cooking seafood with his family, all together, with many hands preparing the food over the heat of the stove. This is how he always stayed close to his passion.
Today, Chef Ana Laura Calixto Vázquez is a forerunner of signature cuisine and a tireless seeker of challenges, including the defense of authenticity and the rescue of traditional recipes.

She was invited to join the team at La Cura restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, where her dedication led her to win the 2023 Culinary Awards in the Laid Back Casual category. Heritage and gastronomic values are characteristics that the chef proudly carries as a banner in her exquisite culinary proposal. Her dishes are delicious and a vivid reflection of her cultural roots.
Meanwhile, Executive Chef Héctor Morales, originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, is the mastermind behind the exquisite culinary creations served at Sunset Monalisa since 2005. He approaches his cooking with the mindset of preparing dishes for his loved ones, drawing inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine and employing sophisticated techniques that showcase his experience and passion. As the saying goes, love is the best ingredient in any dish. That’s why on March 9th, 2024, we will celebrate women with a concert of flavors by Four Hands.

Relive the Splendor of Our Exclusive Four-Hands Event