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Love is a story to tell, and we have many new love stories at Sunset Monalisa every year. Our Weddings are infused with spectacular views of the Sea Of Cortez & Los Cabos iconic Land’s End.

Magnificent Novel Mediterranean Cuisine, impeccable service, and distinguished set-ups are why so many couples choose to have their wedding at this fine-dining restaurant. Working with local and international event planners and Sunset Monalisa experienced Groups & Special Events Manager. We meticulously plan and execute every detail, allowing the happy couple and their guests to enjoy their special day.

With nine different terraces to choose from, large or small parties can be easily accommodated, always attentive to the bridal parties’ every desire.

Love is love



“Tips and Checklist for your Wedding”

When They Knew, They Knew!

“Candace Brisco and Iam Tucker had been friends for years. But then, both realized there was so much more to their relationship. The New Orleans residents were married in Mexico.” –



A Spring Break Fairytale

“A chance meeting in Cabo leads to a whirlwind long-distance romance and million Facetimes and texts later, they finally lived happily ever after! What could be more fitting than going back to where it all began to exchange their vows…” –

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Nature’s beauty is on full display at our dreamy wedding venue in Cabo! With natural flowers, breathtaking views of the sea, and a serene atmosphere, this is the perfect place to say “I do” surrounded by the ones we love. From the endless blue horizon to the Arch of Cabo, every detail comes together to create a magical backdrop for our special day. ...



This is a special day, so let's make it even more special by going to a place that enhances the night sky and gives you a view of the moon.

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The day you've been waiting for. The day you've dreamed of. The day you've waited for with all your heart and dreamed about for so long. It is finally here! ...



When love is in the air, #LosCabos is the place. Welcome to the most romantic wedding venue in Los Cabos.

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Happy Mother's Day to the woman who always puts her family first! Today, and every day, we celebrate the love, kindness, and strength that mothers bring to our lives. Thank you for everything you do, and for being a wonderful role model to us all!

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Our love is like a firework, bursting with joy, passion, and light. And on our wedding day, that love shone brighter than ever before. As we exchanged our vows, surrounded by family and friends, we felt the magic of our love light up the night sky.

It was a moment we'll never forget, a moment that symbolized the start of our forever. ...



Wishing all the wonderful moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!

You are the ones who make the world a brighter, kinder, and more beautiful place. Today, we celebrate you and all the love and dedication you pour into your families. May your day be filled with joy and blessings!

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The place to be is here... in Cabo San Lucas.

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Boho weddings are all about embracing nature, simplicity, and a free-spirited attitude. With a focus on earthy textures, natural colors, and effortless beauty, this style is perfect for couples who want a wedding that feels relaxed and carefree.

From floral crowns to flowing dresses and rustic decor, a Boho wedding is all about creating a laid-back atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of the outdoors.

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Captivating, isn't it? That moment where there's nothing but you, me, and the vast expanse of the ocean. A magical moment, one that's truly unforgettable. It's as though time stands still, and we're transported to another world entirely.

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