Sunset Monalisa

A culinary adventure in Los Cabos

Our History

In 1984 when Giorgio Battaglia of Florence, Italy, and Cristina Bremer Rodriguez, niece of Mexican president Abelardo Rodriguez, traveled together to Los Cabos, the land of sensuous sun and azure seas their love blossomed.  By 1991 this love blossomed into Ristorante Da Giorgio, an accolade to their love.

The naturally enchanting magic of this beachside location bore witness to the birth of this legendary restaurant as a monument to romance establishing its place in love’s history forevermore.

This legendary monument to romance is now in the capable hands of the next generation, a group of passionate Italian owners who carry on this tradition of love, romance, and excellence, under the supervision of the impeccably Chef Héctor Morales.

International acknowledgment and reviews entice world-renowned celebrities, food critics, and fashionable events to trust in Sunset Monalisa’s perfection of passion, love, and romance upon which the restaurant bases every aspect of its establishment.