Welcome to Sunset Monalisa — Your Unforgettable Culinary Journey in Cabo


At Sunset Monalisa, we redefine the essence of fine dining in Los Cabos with an unforgettable blend of Mediterranean flavors served against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean’s majestic vistas. Our restaurant is consistently ranked among the best in Cabo, providing a meal and a unique gastronomic journey designed to enchant every sense.

Discover Mediterranean Magic on the Beachfront

Every dish at Sunset Monalisa is a masterpiece, crafted by Chef Héctor Morales with meticulous care and the freshest ingredients. As the sun dips below the horizon, each table is bathed in a golden glow, setting the stage for a romantic beach dinner like no other. Whether it’s a delicate seafood platter or a robust Mediterranean feast, our menu caters to diverse palates, always with a touch of elegance and innovation.

Breathtaking Views, Unmatched Atmosphere

Cabo San Lucas is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and Sunset Monalisa offers a front-row seat to one of its finest: the iconic Arch. From every angle of our terrace, guests are treated to panoramic views that promise to make every visit spectacular. It’s no wonder we are listed as one of the best restaurants in Cabo with a view. Our setting is not just a meal location but a destination.

A Romantic Escape Over the Pacific

For those seeking to indulge in a romantic evening, there is no place more magical than Sunset Monalisa. Our ambiance, combined with the soothing sounds of the ocean, creates a mesmerizing setting perfect for celebrating special moments. From marriage proposals to anniversaries, our beachfront dining experience is designed to create memories that last a lifetime.

Join Us on a Culinary Adventure

At Sunset Monalisa, we invite you to embark on a Mediterranean culinary journey that promises to be as expansive as the ocean in our view. Our chefs specialize in transforming simple ingredients into dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Coupled with our world-class service, dining with us is not just eating out; it’s an event.

Each visit to Sunset Monalisa is more than just a meal. It explores culinary delights in an environment that exudes sophistication and comfort. Our commitment to excellence is visible in every detail, from the meticulously set tables to the personalized service provided by our dedicated staff. We are not just one of the best restaurants in Cabo; we are a sanctuary for those who seek the finest in every aspect of their dining experience.

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This is not just dining in Los Cabos; this is an escape into a world where every flavor tells a story, every view enchants the eye, and every moment becomes a cherished memory. 

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