Best View of the Famous Arch at Land’s End

Sunset Monalisa

Desired Location

Carved into a cliff overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas with the best view of the famous Arch at Land’s End, Sunset MonaLisa consistently presents a new experience to those seeking excellence in food and service. Located at the tip end of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, Sunset Monalisa has long been an icon in Los Cabos. It has been classified as “One of the top 5 coolest restaurants in the world” by the Express Tribune. 

Next to The Cape Thompson Hotel, ours is the ideal location. The restaurant offers tasty contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and consistent service and quality standards. The site itself is one of the most sought-after in all of Los Cabos, providing those precious, memorable experiences to be savored for a lifetime.

Out of all the best restaurants in Los Cabos, we partner with the great and creative Chef Héctor Morales who creates the finest Novel Mediterranean Cuisine in Los Cabos, Mexico. Every dish is created from fresh ingredients brought in daily to ensure you get the most decadent flavors and most tantalizing aromas while you’re dining.

A romantic venue like Sunset Monalisa will engage all of your senses. We make sure that the tastes, aroma, sounds, and sights are the best we can offer. Besides our indoor palapa, we also provide various distinctly unique terrace locations for safe, open-air dining experiences following the hygiene standards. Our Ocean Terrace with fire-pits is also available, a beautiful location with the best view of Los Cabos Arch.