Hygiene & Safety Protocols


For Grupo Monalisa, the health of employees and diners is a priority. We have implemented a hygiene protocol called MonaSafe in which you’ll find the standards of hygiene followed at the restaurants of the group: Sunset Monalisa, Jazz on the Rocks, and Pan Di Bacco, as well as in the special events held in the establishments.

We know these new times have changed everything. These changes have motivated us to renew and re-educate ourselves to continue improving our service quality and achieve a new level of excellence in this new normality, to provide our team and diners a safe culinary experience.


Professional sanitation

• Ozone technology to disinfect

• LED UV light technology for sanitation and purification purposes

• Our staff wear a mask

• Disinfection booth at the entrance

• Disinfectant gel dispensers

• Frequent cleaning with the disinfectant of everyday use surfaces

• Cleaning and disinfection of dishes

• Cleaning of tablecloths, napkins, and work clothes 

• Checking and cleaning of AC filters

• Continue training for all team members





We have hygiene certifications such as the Punto Limpio, which is essential for an establishment that offers food and beverage service. In addition to this, we have continuous training and certification of our staff in disease prevention and hygiene protocols.

The Punto Limpio Quality Certificate in Good Hygienic Practices, designed for companies in the tourism sector, has the endorsement of SECTUR. It accredits Sunset Monalisa as a consumer center that follows all hygiene regulations and is prepared for customer service with all prevention and cleaning measures. Learn More




We will continue creating clean, healthy, and unforgettable experiences.