The acclaimed ‘Michelin Gastronomic Guide’ will arrive in Mexico in 2023!

Mexican food is diverse, peculiar, unique — and without a doubt, Mexico has gained the attention of gastronomic tourism in recent years. Around the country, there are so many restaurants with distinctive food styles and excellent chefs at the front of each one of them, which is why this news is so significant at the national level: the acclaimed Michelin Gastronomic Guide will arrive in Mexico in 2023.


The Michelin Guide is a world reference in the gastronomic world, where different restaurants throughout the country are rated in a strict selection process carried out by anonymous inspectors. These inspectors are highly prepared professionals with impeccable training who visit and experience each restaurant. The selection process qualifies the quality and creativity of the dishes; it also rates the service and the complete gastronomic proposal of each establishment. At the end of the performance of each restaurant is valued with the famous Michelin stars. But, what are Michelin stars, and how are they obtained?


The Michelin stars were implemented in 1936 and are awarded by the car company of the same name through the selection process mentioned above; This rating can result in one, two, or three stars, each with different criteria:

  • One star: the restaurant is excellent in its category and has a national reputation.
  • Two stars: the restaurant has first-class quality in its type of cuisine, worldwide recognition, and reception from international diners.
  • Reaching three stars is synonymous with exceptional cuisine, being among the best in the world, so much to justify a trip just to eat there.


For a restaurant to earn its first star, national inspectors must visit the location at least four times to rate it. The second star is obtained after ten visits by both national and French inspectors. And the third star is obtained after a detailed investigation process by international inspectors.


It is a great honor and exciting news for the country’s gastronomic sector since Mexico will be the first country in Latin America to have the renowned guide, arriving in 2023, as the current situation has slowed down the negotiation process with the different businesses involved. Having restaurants rated with these famous stars will not only represent prestige for the country but will also have a positive impact on tourism as well as on the restaurant sector.

At Sunset Monalisa, one of the most iconic restaurants in Los Cabos, we work daily to provide our diners with unforgettable culinary experiences; we also keep in mind to work harder to be in constant improvement. One of the aspects to achieve this milestone, implemented by our executive chef Jacob Ramos is the recurrent renewal of the menus, inspired by local and seasonal ingredients. And you, how many Michelin stars do you think we will receive in Los Cabos?

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