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The Boat Excursion

Guaranteeing excellent service, the “MonaLisa del Mar I” is synonymous with luxury, comfort, speed and reliability. The Vessel belongs to our renewed Sunset MonaLisa Italian & Seafood Restaurant and its superior equipment and experienced Captain are essential ingredients for the daily catch we offer to our guests.

Our Crew

Come fish with a professional crew that has more experience and more hours on the water than any other one in Los Cabos. Our team knows where you need to be, in order to fish.

Whether it’s a family fishing charter, a hang out with friends while fishing or just go out for a sunset tour, MonaLisa Fishing is the right choice for you.

You Catch, We Cook!

As a part of the MonaLisa Group, when you fish and have dinner at the restaurant, we’ll cook one course of your dinner with your fish of the day free of charge for each guest, while enjoying our other delicious dishes and the magnificent view.

At Sunset MonaLisa, we offer you great cuisine and unparalleled service, in a place of awe-inspiring emotions.

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