The Kiss

The Dance of the Lips

The Latin derivative barium came to our language as “kiss”, considered the ideal act to show affection when words are not enough to express emotions. How do you resist a kiss?

The origins of kissing are still unknown, but to this day, 105 types of kisses have been recorded. Each one has the same result: to make people feel happy. Throughout history, kisses have played a significant role in art. For instance, masterpieces of artists like Rodin and Klimt represent the moment in which lovers seal their love with a kiss. In cinema, we have seen some iconic kisses that we can never forget, such as the one that Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr share on the shore of a beach in the movie “From Here to Eternity”, or the one that a smitten Rhett Butler gives to a not-so-smitten Scarlett O’Hara beneath the stairs in the film “Gone with the Wind”. And, of course, we cannot forget the kiss with which Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman say goodbye in “Casablanca”.

A kiss is a beautiful way to communicate various emotions when words are no longer necessary. It signifies that both individuals share a mutual desire and sentiment. If a smile follows, then it’s even better.

Kissing is a significant moment that we often underestimate. What is the most anticipated moment at a wedding? It’s the kiss of the bride and groom! At Sunset Monalisa, the entire wedding coordinating team waits eagerly for that beautiful moment when the newlywed couple seal their wedding vows, announcing the end of the wedding ceremony and signifying that the bride and groom are now officially husband and wife. Then, the kiss begins their “happily ever after”, and the ceremony spreads to all the guests, who join in the celebration with hugs and kisses.


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Photos by Julieta