The Gods of Olympus

and Sunset Monalisa’s Cocktail Bar

What do the Gods of Olympus have in common with Sunset Monalisa’s fine cocktails?

Let’s imagine for a moment Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Athena, Dionysus, Poseidon, and Hades gathered on Mount Olympus, a place of unmatched beauty and majesty, the highest mountain of Greece, where gods reside in a divine and glorious environment. It is a symbol of the sublime and the celestial.

Beauty and majesty also happen at Sunset Monalisa, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, and spectacular sunsets at the restaurant, graced by its location on a cliff. Astonishment and natural beauty are combined to experience a paradisiacal fantasy.

So magic happens. The gods and goddesses of Olympus are represented in cocktails, to be enjoyed with all senses.

Nectar of Aphrodite, with the transforming power of love and beauty: sweet and citric, with Absolut Citron, almond liqueur and lemon cookie.

Ares’s Fury, symbolizing the ferocity and combative nature of war: sweet and alcoholic, with notes of smoky oak and spices, it contains 7-year Havana Club, Cold Brew and Kahlua.

Apolo’s Solar Elixir, with attributes of golden light and purity: sweet and citric, combines Avion tequila, Altos citrus tequila, Almafinca orange liqueur and lime.

Athena’s balance, wisdom and mystery, clarity and logic: the alcohol barely beats the sweetness with citrus notes by combining Martell Vsop liqueur, Campari, Almafinca orange liqueur and dry vermouth.

Dionysian Ecstasy, a surrender to pleasure in accordance with abundance and celebration, carries attributes of the god of wine and celebration: Chivas 18 whiskey, Jameson whiskey, red wine, aquafaba and Nixta liqueur.

Poseidon’s Trident, a journey into the depths of the sea and its mysteries: a cocktail as strong as the waves of high tide during a storm, with Monkey 47 gin, Tito’s vodka, blue tea and olives.

Whispers of the Underworld, Hades’s darkness, abyss and mystery merge to guide the destiny of souls: smoky intensity, a touch of caramelized sweetness and a note of almonds are presented among Sacalágrimas mezcal, roasted pineapple, grapefruit and almond liqueur.

The home of the gods in Greek mythology is the epicentre of the divine and the supernatural. When flavors are combined, the visitors feel connected to something greater than themselves, making the experience transcendental.

There is no place more eloquent than Sunset Monalisa to taste the cocktails of the gods of Olympus, specially prepared to live an extraordinary experience, connecting people to something greater and more sublime. Nature is amazing, but united with gastronomy and the gods of Olympus, it is powerful.