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We always have moments in life which we have to stop and improve ourselfs in order to merge stronger and bigger than ever, in  Sunset Monalisa we also believe in that and we want to share with you our beloved Venue is out of operations for a major remodeling in our areas.

For this reason will be closed from August 29th to September 28th 2018, but you can still enjoy our Sunset Point Pizza Bar & Lounge with the same incredible view and service.

Our new menu will exceed your expectations

We apologize for the inconvenience that this temporary closure can bring to your visit in Los Cabos and we will be delighted have you back to our venue once these important renovations are finished, we are convinced that you will love the new Menu by Vincenzo Balzano and all the improvements we will have for you.

Until then, let’s share stories together.

Tag us with #lovemonalisa we will look forward the best photos & will be great surprises.

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