How to Dominate the Decade by Giammarco Vela

Great leader, Amazing CEO and extraordinary human being.


This week our leader and CEO of Grupo Monalisa, Giammarco Vela, was sharing opinions and thoughts in an intimate interview with Ragne Sinikas through a live on Facebook for the segment “How to Dominate the Decade”. During the video, Mr. Vela talks about his life, hobbies, motivations, experiences and the future of the restaurant industry in Los Cabos in front of Covid-19, as well as the future of the Sabor a Cabo festival.

The interview starts with some personal questions about the beginnings of Mr. Vela’s career, his motivation to choose Los Cabos as his new (and current) residence and, to get to know him a little better, about his initial projects, current companies of which he is a partner and/or founder, and future projects. There are also deeper and more personal questions, from favorite hobbies to the purpose of his life, with which we can learn a little bit more about this great businessman and human being.

As the interview progressed, very interesting topics were addressed such as the future expected for the restaurant sector and, in general, the challenges that the tourist destination will be facing in this “new normal” from the point of view of the businessman. The measures to be taken by the Monalisa Group to adapt to the situation and evolve to provide the highest quality of service, the way the consumer will redefine their concept of “service” and what are the recommendations for businesses in the destination in general.

To watch the full interview CLICK HERE.

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