Los Cabos Live Concert by American Express

Los Cabos Live Concert was organized to celebrate the reopening of the beautiful destination of Los Cabos. This event, full of talent, beautiful music, and incomparable landscapes organized by FITURCA with the sponsorship of American Express, was held at Sunset Monalisa, one of the most iconic restaurants in Cabo.

The event was broadcast live through social networks so that the audience could enjoy it from the comfort and safety of their homes; it had a huge impact and an incredible reach.

The event began just after the sunset ritual that is so emblematic of Sunset Monalisa. Just as the sun started to set, the Baja California Sur Independent Orchestra gave us their hearts with each note to the beat of masterpieces performed, such as What a Wonderful World, México en la Piel, Huapango de Moncayo, México Lindo y Querido, y Volare. These incredible pieces were adorned by a beautiful sunset and the iconic Los Cabos Arch. 

Without a doubt, enjoying a concert through a social network is a different experience, but non less exciting. During the live broadcast, the spectators left hundreds of comments expressing the happiness of the reopening of the destination and the desire to travel to Los Cabos again.

At the end of the last, fireworks adorned the final verse and illuminated the starry sky of Los Cabos. The surprise caused an indescribable joy and excitement for all the audience. It was the final touch for such a unique and long-awaited celebration.

Here are some of our favourite moments in photography, and if you want to relive this magnificent event again, you can tune in here -> Los Cabos Live Concert


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