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Regardless of the occasion, Sunset Monalisa will ensure an unforgettable celebration. Romance, love and superb food is the key to making special occasions exceptional.  With over fifteen years of making memorable moments, Sunset Monalisa offers endless possibilities to ensure happiness.  For those private moments, an oceanfront secluded terrace enhances romance or Sunset Monalisa can create the perfect ambiance using themed table decorations, engage a photographer, live music, hire a DJ music, and even an astronomer can make special occasions an out-of-this-world experience.

Among the special features that we offer are…

Serata Romantica

A dining experience in a private ocean front terrace with several amenities “a la carte” to enhance your evening.


We have a wide variety with an exceptional selection of musicians to please all preferences.

Memories Package

With one of the most unique view in Cabo, we offer you a 1-hour photography session with your partner, family or friends, followed by dinner.


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