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A journey of love, culminating in this one beautiful moment.
All of your dreams can become reality at Sunset Monalisa, contact us for more information.

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Savouring the taste of love in every moment, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. A kiss to seal a lifetime of happiness begins at Sunset Monalisa.
Photos: @loscabosphotographer

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The newlyweds are lost in the melody of their love, and every step promises joy. We celebrate romance and endless bliss at Sunset Monalisa.

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Witness the moment when hearts unite and dreams come together while breathtaking views witness the love and commitment made to each other. ...

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Let the Sea of Cortez be a witness of your love. Saying 'I do' with this incredible view is a unique opportunity to make your special day a truly enchanting and fairytale-like experience.
The venue of your dreams is only at Sunset Monalisa.


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Beginning a lifetime together, embracing the euphoria while letting the thrilling journey of love and laughter unfold!
Photos: @DanielJireh

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Happy Mother's Day! We celebrate and admire her love, fortitude, wisdom, and kindness. We want to express our gratitude for all she has done and for her support every step of the way. She brings tremendous joy into our lives, and we feel blessed to have her as our mother.
Have a wonderful day!
Photos: @photobyjulieta

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A venue that looks like a magazine cover, a moment that feels like a dream, a day in which love becomes infinite, only at Sunset Monalisa. ...

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Moments before saying 'I do' are filled with emotions, marking the beginning of a beautiful love story and a lifetime commitment together.
Photographer: @photobyjulieta

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When you think of your mother, your heart will always be filled with love. Thank you for witnessing our love and embracing the magic of our wedding day together.
Photos: @kartsiephotography

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Destination: anywhere, as long as we are together. Euphoric moments after saying I do and vowing to an eternity together.
There is no place like Sunset Monalisa to make your dream wedding a reality.


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