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His Story

Chef Casiano Reyes was born in Mexico, in the State of Oaxaca, which the Capitol City is Oaxaca. A State with a population of 4 Million and a capital city of flavors, colors, and eclectic traditional history; where the colonial meets surrealism.

It was in this rich cradle of indigenous people and cultures that date back to the ancient Zapotecs and Mixtecs, where Casiano had his first contact with the gastronomic world at the tender young age of 14 years. Monte Alban is the archeological site of the state, which attracts the most tourists.

In 1997, Casiano Reyes, moved to Los Cabos, Baja California and joined the team which opened the luxurious Las Ventanas al Paraíso Resort. Almost six years later, in 2003, Reyes and a few partners left and created their own company, El Itakate catering services (which now became LAURUS By Casianios). Two years later, Reyes moved all his experience and culinary art to a new location, where he opened his own Casianos Restaurant. A place that specialized in what he called, “spontaneous cooking”.

His Concept

The Casianos Cocina Espontanea concept is characteristic of the Chef and his talents, while also paying tribute to his roots. The Spontaneous Cuisine originates from the desire not to be limited by a fixed menu. The Chef daily selects with his suppliers the freshest products of the day, with which he will elaborate a tasting menu, three or five different times. Wherefore, there wasn’t a predetermined menu, but rather a spontaneous cooking of ingredients on hand; more specifically,  if a fresh and delicious tuna was the catch of the day, the restaurant would create a dish with those ingredients. Casianos restaurant customers grew to enjoy dishes, created especially for them.

This personal touch and style of cooking—as well as the culinary skill and interpretation of Mexican and international dishes—led Chef Reyes to the humble and daunting privilege of serving food to the dignitaries and of the leaders attending the 2011 International G-20 Summit in San Jose del Cabo.

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It is a pleasure present to you a different Mediterranean experience in Los Cabos. Our Culinary proposal is in hands of Chef Casiano, he has created a new menu with unique and unparalleled flavors that will transport you to a culinary journey with innovative and creative dishes with selected and fresh local ingredients.


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