Giuseppe Napoli

General Director of Monalisa Group

Fatherhood according to Giuseppe Napoli, General Director of Monalisa Group


They say that in Italy, family comes first. Gathered around a large table where there is always room for one more plate. Perhaps this is why Giuseppe always keeps his office door open to welcome and listen to the members of the “Sunset Monalisa family,” as he refers to his teams, a large family. This is exactly how he balances work and personal life. “I have to take care of the Monalisa Group as if it were my family, to move forward and grow. That’s why it’s important to make time to listen to everyone. I also want my children to know in the future that I was a present father,” he says about fatherhood.

Giuseppe is the father of triplets who have just turned 3 years old. “The love I feel for my family is something that cannot be described in words. I am very grateful to God and, of course, to my wife, who gave me the babies,” he says.

“I am from Sicily, an island in Italy where there is sea, so I feel like I am at home here in Los Cabos,” says Giuseppe Napoli, a partner in the Monalisa Group and responsible for overseeing the operations division, including the iconic, multi-award-winning restaurant Sunset Monalisa, Jazz on the Rocks, Pan di Bacco, and Ufficio Café.

Italy has a cultural heritage that includes art, music, literature, and architecture, many of which are imbued with romance, the great theme of the region. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. There, history and culture intertwine from the sea to the mountains, through the countryside and coastal villages. Anyone who has visited this island has surely been blessed with experiences of an unforgettable paradise.

What do you like about fatherhood?

Being a father is an unparalleled joy. The simple moments, like when my children look at me, smile, and call me “daddy,” are priceless. Their welcome with open arms when I come home is a feeling I have never experienced before. It is a feeling of being loved and missed, and it is something I cherish every day. I have someone who is always waiting for me at home.

At Sunset Monalisa, everything is in tune to celebrate the present and be grateful for life, children, and fatherhood. It is a special moment to honor and recognize the irreplaceable role of the father figure in the family, for the love, support, and sacrifice they provide every day. It is a moment to show gratitude and, why not, strengthen family bonds. We invite you to share the happiness in this magical place, with spectacular views, delicious cuisine, and an unforgettable celebration of fatherhood, that lifelong gift.