Sunset Monalisa Rebirth

Sunset Monalisa Lovers We always have moments in life which we have to stop and improve ourselfs in order to merge stronger and bigger than ever, in  Sunset Monalisa we also believe in that and we want to share with you…

Braised Alaskan Salmon

Braised Alaskan Salmon with broccoli puree, fennel confit and lemon grass foam. By Chef Paolo della Corte

Insalate Rucola

Insalado #Rucola Por Chef @Paolo Della Corte #Comida #ComidaAlimentada #EuropeanFood #EveryoneSpeaksFood #LosCabos Gracias por compartir @Gallivantingbean.

Sunset Monalisa Restaurant

Sunset Monalisa consistently presents a new experience to those seeking excellence in food and service. Located at the tip end of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, Sunset Monalisa has long been an icon in Los Cabos and has been classified…

Top 5 Romantic Experiences in Los Cabos, Mexico

Six-Course Meal With A View Enjoy a meal with your loved one and arguably Los Cabos’ best view, the famous Arch at sunset from Sunset da Mona Lisa. Dine on the Tattinger Terrace to start – oysters perhaps, with champagne…

Watermelon Sorbet

Compliments of the Chef Paolo Della Corte. Watermelon sorbet, nutella cookie, passion fruit fillet white chocolate and a chocolate and anise loquor shot!

25 Most Amazing Restaurants in the World

From the southest point of Baja California Sur, Sunset da Mona Lisa invites you to enjoy its beautiful shores and the hot Mexican sun while enjoying classic European cuisine- a pacific cocktail in one hand and rigatoni in the other,…