A brand new mixology proposal at Sunset Monalisa.

On Monday, April 12, Sunset Monalisa launched its new cocktail menu, “The Power of Nature,” inspired by nature’s elements and personally designed by the experienced mixologist Tiziano Tasso. The Power of Nature is a unique mixology proposition that offers a new way for diners to enjoy their favorite cocktails, promises a show for the senses, and stimulates the imagination through a distinctive setting in each glass.

The inspiration to create this menu, mentions Tiziano Tasso, Grupo Monalisa mixologist maitre d ‘, was born from the first day he set foot on Sunset Monalisa when he realized the connection of the place with nature, something very characteristic of the restaurant. The experienced mixologist has had an exciting career that has allowed him to work in different locations worldwide, but curiously he tells us how he had never been in a place so open and exposed to nature; this is how the idea of ​​the new drink menu came about.

Tiziano’s goal in creating this mixology experience is to celebrate the spectacle that nature gives us daily; involve and connect clients with the nature surrounding them through the senses. That is why the cocktail menu involves a unique and different design that will capture each of the diners’ attention through touch, hearing, sight, and taste, thus letting their imagination travel, transmitting incredible sensations and emotions in an innovative mixology proposal.

Each of the 8 drinks in this new menu has a different concept linked to an aspect of nature and exposes a different scenario in each glass; even the name of each drink is connected to the element that its ingredients reveal, among them: You are my sunshine, Desert flora, Blossoming garden, Ocean Secret, Eagle eyes. All the creations have the same price with the objective that the diners base their decision on their liking ingredients, and the choice is entirely faithful to their preferences.

Discover Tiziano Tasso’s innovative mixology proposal, which complements in perfect harmony the culinary journey offered by chef Jacob Ramos with the tasting menus at Sunset Monalisa. For more information on the new drinks menu, visit Sunset Monalisa Mixology and, to make your reservation online, click here.

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